A call is made to all Architectural Professionals, SAIAT registered Architectural Professionals and Architectural Students to submit projects for the 2020 SAIAT-CemteQ Awards. This is an opportunity to showcase projects and innovation that will not only get recognition from the SAIAT but will also be promoted and published through various means to raise awareness of the abilities of the SAIAT members and other Architectural Professions to the public, as well as the Built Environment.

Recognition of Architectural projects gives rise to improved design and technical development, as those involved in the industry strive for excellence. This leads to general improvement within the built environment, which in turn leads to improved living and working experiences.

This year, the SAIAT joined forces with CemteQ, and jointly penned the theme of inclusive architecture, and when combined it forms an inclusive environment.

An inclusive environment recognizes and accommodates differences in the way people use the built environment. It facilitates dignified, equal and intuitive use by everyone. It does not physically or socially separate, discriminate or isolate. It readily accommodates and welcomes diverse user requirements – from childhood to adulthood through to old age, across all abilities and embracing every background, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion or belief, and culture (i.e. protected characteristics). It helps people to live independently and participate fully in all aspects of life.