SAIAT will accept cancellations of registrations for workshops as per the following criteria:


Cancellation up to 14 days before workshop date:

  • No charge and full refund of workshop fee if any payment was made


Cancellation less than 14 days before but not later than 7 days before workshop date:


  • 25% of workshop fee payable and 75% refund of workshop fee if any payment was made

  • Cancellation less than 7 days but not later than 2 days before workshop date

  • 50% of workshop fee payable and 50% refund of workshop fee if any payment was made


Cancellation less than two days before workshop date or no cancellation

  • Full workshop fee payable or no refund


SAIAT will accept cancellations of registrations for webinars as per the following criteria:


Cancellation up to 14 days before start of webinar series:

  • No charge and full refund of webinar fee if any payment was made


Cancellation less than 14 day

  • Full webinar  fee payable or no refund


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  • In terms of Section 13(k) of the Architectural Profession Act, 2000 (Act 44 of 2000) SACAP determined the conditions relating to and the nature and extent of CPD required in order to qualify for the renewal of registration as contemplated in Section 22(2) of the said Act.

  • The relevant CPD conditions were initially set out in Board Notice 31 of 2009, and amended by the schedule, published in the Government Gazette on 17 March 2017, as Board Notice 43 of 2017.



All persons who are registered in a professional registration category, listed under Section 18(1)(a) and (c) of the Act, are required to undertake CPD in order to renew their registration. This includes all registered professionals practicing abroad.

Only persons who are retired and no longer carry out any architectural work, are exempt from the CPD requirements.  It is important to note that a person must be listed as ‘Retired’ on SACAP’s database in order to qualify as such.



  • The Council may, upon a fully motivated and substantiated application (accompanied by proof of payment for the application) grant full or partial exemption from the requirements of these conditions.

  • Exemption may be granted for such a period as the Council may deem appropriate and reasonable.

  • Applications for Exemption will not be considered unless accompanied by a full motivation and proof of payment for the exemption.

  • Exemption is only granted for a calendar year and application for exemption must be done on an annual basis, where necessary.



  • The CPD system functions in cycles of five years

  • The table below gives an indication of renewal dates, for persons registered or re-registered up to the end of 2017.

  • Remember that:

    • The renewal date is determined by the year of current registration of the Registered Professional

    • CPD renewal must always take place on 1 January  irrespective of the month of registration.




  • Registered Professionals are requested to upload all outstanding CPD credits directly on their online profile, under ‘Professional Development’ before 1 January of their renewal year.

  • Registered Persons renewing their registration will no longer have to submit an application to do so.  It is however important to ensure that your personal details are correct on the online Profile when submitting CPD credits.

  • After  sending out a reminder with regards to the renewal of registration, an invoice for the administration fee payable for renewal will be generated and a link sent to the Registered Person. 

  • Invoices will also be available on the profile of persons that are up for renewal.

  • If the Registered Person complied with the conditions for renewal of registration, and paid the renewal fee, an updated registration certificate will be available and can be printed from their profile.



It is important to remember that Category 1 Credits are:

  • Presented or validated by SACAP Recognised Voluntary Associations; or

  • Presented by accredited SACAP Architectural Learning Sites.


During each five (5) year cycle a Registered Professional must obtain a minimum of 25 CPD Credits, five (5) of these must be from Category 1.

The minimum requirement per calendar year is 3 credits, of which 1 must be from Category 1.


SAIAT is a recognised voluntary association and therefore mandated by SACAP to present and validate Category 1 CPD events for the architectural profession in South Africa.

SAIAT understands the reason for CPD as set out by the South African Qualification Authority and take it seriously, especially as CPD credits are a legal requirement by professionals for renewal of registration. SAIAT will not be part nor tolerate the downgrading of the quality of any CPD event for whatever reason.


Certificates will be posted on the relevant page within 60 business days after the event (SAIAT) or within 60 business days received (Regional and Third Party)