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  1. DebiCheck Debitorder can only be executed on personal accounts and not business accounts as you have to accept a mandate from your bank as a measure of protection against unwanted debit order transactions. Please ensure that you provide PERSONAL BANKING DETAILS.

  2. SAIAT will notify you via SMS that your application was processed. Please ensure that you accept the DebiCheck notification once received from your bank. SAIAT will carry the cost of the initial application. An administration fee of R150.00 will be charged for any re-submission request.

  3. This agreement will only come into effect once you have accepted the mandate via your bank. It is your responsibility to contact your bank if not received once we have notified you via SMS that we have processed the application.

  4. Any missed instalment will render this agreement void and the full balance will become payable immediately.

  5. Not accepting the mandate within the allocated time period or declining to accept the mandate from your bank, will cause a R150.00 (VAT Incl) administration fee be charged.

  6. If you wish to cancel this agreement at any time by paying the full outstanding amount, please notify SAIAT via email (, of such intention and provide proof of payment to same e-mail addresses. This must be done at least 5 working days prior to the debit order date. Failure to so and if a refund is requested, an administration fee of R150.00 will be payable.

  7. By submitting the below form you accept all the above terms and conditions.

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