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Frans Dekker
Frans Dekker
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The SACAP Code of Conduct requires Registered Persons (RPs) to ensure that before they undertake any professional work, they have entered into a written agreement with the client which must, inter alia, include:

4.1(i) details of professional indemnity insurance; including –

                (i) name of the insurer;

                (ii) the name of the insured;

                (iii) amount of cover;

                (iv) policy number;

    and(v) validity period.

4.8 shall take adequate and appropriate professional indemnity insurance to cover all architectural work undertaken; 

Premiums of Professional Indemnity Insurance products are based on the risk profile of the practice, and small one-principal practices in many cases are seen by Insurers as a greater risk than multi-principal practices. This is due to the fact that in small practices the decisions are normally taken by one, maybe two persons, without the insight of several professionals of multi-principal practices. Premiums quoted for these small practices may therefore be above the reach of the small one-principal practices.

1.     Professional Membership of SAIAT

To ensure that the smaller one-principal practices can enjoy affordable insurance, SAIAT has in 2017 negotiated with VKNFS, an insurance broker, a PII Scheme which SAIAT Professional Members may then opt to be part of as part of their membership. SAIAT owns the policy, but the SAIAT Professional Members who have opted to be part of the Scheme are beneficiaries of the Scheme and enjoy PI cover for claims totalling R2 000 000.00 per year. Excess payable is R15 000.00. Top-up can be arranged directly with the insurer once membership is confirmed.  Cost of SAIAT membership varies as the first year’s membership fee is pro-rated, but the PII portion is fixed as it has a retroactive component.


2        Affiliate Membership

SAIAT has received several requests from members of other VAs to be part of the scheme without becoming a Professional Member of SAIAT, as they want to retain their membership with their original VA. As SAIAT cannot sell insurance, but only offers it as a membership benefit, it was decided to create a new membership category - Affiliate Member - a membership with limited benefits, but which includes the PII benefit, thus allowing members of other VAs to be part of the Scheme. Affiliate members can also enjoy the benefit of the SAIAT Assetsure Scheme.

Application fee for Affiliate Membership is R300.00, and on approval you will be invoiced for R1 600.00 - this will cover you until 31 December 2024, with retroactive cover from 01 July 2005.

More information on both these schemes are available here -

Affiliate Membership applications can be done by completing and submitting the Application for Affiliate Membership (

If you are not a member of another Voluntary Association, but wish to become a member, complete the Application for Professional Member (

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Frans Dekker
Frans Dekker
12 jul

SACAP invites you to the Young Professionals Webinar! /imagine: the future of architecture

Join us this Mandela Day, 18 July 2024, for an engaging session hosted as an open dialogue with local influencers and upcoming practitioners. Together, we will challenge the conventional architectural practice, pathway, and profession as a whole, seeking innovative solutions to our current challenges through contemporary discourse and technologies.This webinar is your opportunity to envision a new type of architectural industry alongside students, graduates, and young professionals.

Don't miss out on this transformative conversation! Secure your spot now and be part of shaping the future of architecture.

Register today by clicking the below link:

We look forward to your participation!

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