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Please note that all information shared on this page will be displayed publically.

Do you have too much work to cope with and looking for assistance from another practice / registered professional?

Please provide your details and we will post your load sharing request.

Please note that this is not to be used for employment requests but for inter-practice engagements only.

By submitting the request authority is automatically granted to publish content on the SAIAT website.


 I found Load Sharing to be a great initiative that helped me generate a steady income. As an Architectural Technologist that found myself unemployed after 20 years at the same practice (like so many others after the Covid Pandemic in 2020), I was struggling to provide for myself. Load Sharing already put me in contact with someone who just could not get everything done in time. Lifting someone’s burden and workload is a great feeling and getting compensated for that is a bonus in my opinion. Thanks LOAD SHARING! 


- Francke Blignaut


I am overflowing with gratitude for the reference you gave me from Francke. He has helped me so much and tomorrow I will send him more work. I can recommend him to anyone. His work is neat and he has a lot of experience! It was now an excellent initiative of yours the “Load sharing” mind. Well done and thank you very much!

 - Jurgens Strydom

After being without any work for almost a year, I finally got appointed on a project and at the same time realized the desperate situation some others found themselves in.  I have decided to share my blessing with someone else and found that the more I shared, the more I received.  I am no longer slogging away crazy hours and gets to appreciate the creative side of my project since I am sharing my load


- Linke Ströhmenger