An Application Fee of R575.00 (incl VAT) is payable once this Application is assessed. An Invoice will be generated and e-mailed to the applicant, and is payable, regardless of the outcome of the assessment.

On approval of the application by SAIAT (validation), the following fees (VAT Inclusive) will become due. The applicant will receive an invoice from SAIAT with all the relevant payment details:

  • Once off hosted event:  R1 150.00

  • Repeated event 1 - 5 hours:  R5 750.00

  • Repeated event full day:  R7 570.00

  • Repeated event more than one day:  R10 100.00


Any validation is valid for three (3) years on the condition that approval conditions are kept and that the following annual renewal fee is paid:

  • Repeated event 1 - 5 hours:  R2 875.00

  • Repeated event full day:  R3 785.00

  • Repeated event more than one day:  R5 100.00


It is the duty of the applicant to ensure that the annual renewal fee is paid before or on the anniversary of the validation approval.