CPD Certificates / Training Attendance Certificates will be issued for Category 1 events validated by SAIAT. It will be issued to professionals and candidates who are registered with SACAP and who did supply the correct information to SAIAT at the time of registration. This will be applicable to:

  • National CPD Workshops

  • CPD Webinars

  • SAIAT Regional CPD Events (available on Regional Pages)

  • SAIAT Validated Third Party CPD Events


Certificates will be issued within 60 business days after the event for all SAIAT organised events. The same will be done for Validated Third Party Events on condition that the organiser has supplied the information via the correct channels timeously.

Certificates will remain on the SAIAT website for at least six (6) months, after which it will be removed to clear space on the website. It will still be available after the removal, but a search fee will be payable per certificate.


The issuing of a CPD-certificate is subject to an attentiveness rating and minimum time online.

A minimum attentiveness rating of 70% and a minimum online time of 75% of the total session time are required before certificates can be issued. As the issuing of certificates is subject to auditing, no exceptions to the above requirement will be entertained.

Attentiveness ratings are negatively influenced by having other applications open on computers whilst attending a webinar. Please close all other applications and refrain from opening it during a session.