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From 01 October 2022,  certificates will no longer be available for download via this website. Certificates will be automatically generated and posted on the SAIAT ePortal.  You will be notified via e-mail when certificates are ready for download

Please watch the Information Video

Register here (or update your info) and subscribe to the EMAIL CAMPAIGNS to receive e-mail notifications from SAIAT regarding CPD-validated events.  Your CPD certificates issued as of 01 October 2022 will also be available here.

CPD Certificates will be issued for Category 1 events validated by SAIAT. It will be issued to professionals and candidates who are registered with SACAP and who did supply the correct information to SAIAT and /or Validated CPD Provider at the time of registration.


This will be applicable to:

  • SAIAT CPD Events Online

  • SAIAT CPD Events Online Snippets

  • SAIAT CPD Board Room Events

  • SAIAT Regional hosted Category 1 events

  • SAIAT Validated CPD Provider events


You will be notified via e-mail when your certificate is ready. You can access and download your certificate via your private domain on the SAIAT ePortal by using the default password supplied in the e-mail - please remember to change your password.

The issuing of a CPD certificate is subject to

  • minimum time online

  • answering of questions

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