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Added Membership Benefits


The SAIAT PII Scheme is offered as an added benefit to SAIAT Membership and is designed to cover the individual (the Member). If for contractual reasons the name of a practice needs to appear on the Certificate, please request so from

SAIAT Members can at any time opt to be part of the Scheme or leave the Scheme by updating their Membership details and select the correct option in the form.

The Scheme covers the individual for claims, retro-active from 01 July 2005, to a maximum of R 2 000 000.00

To submit a claim, the Members needs to provide proof of the following:

  1. A professional-client agreement that covers all aspects as per the SACAP Code of Conduct;

  2. Proof that a risk assessment was done prior to entering into a professional-client agreement

SAIAT reserves the right as the owner of the policy to have insight into claims and to advise the insurer about the validity of any claim regarding the above.


SAIAT Assetsure insurance scheme was developed by VKNFS Financial Services exclusive for those that enjoy SAIAT Membership.

It provides cover for the following:

• Office Contents (Fire Perils)

• Theft of Office Contents

• Business Interruption

• Accidental Damage

• Public Liability

• Electronic Equipment, including Laptops

• Comprehensive Motor (business use)


• Additional Items (like cellphones) on request

at a premium less than anything that the market can offer the individual.

Your claims history and risk profile are not taken into account in calculating your premium. Premiums and cover are based on turnover, starting with an annual minimum of R 500 000.00

Click on the button above for an instant online quote or contact:

Dale Stone


   Cell:       076 594 8380

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