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Terms and Conditions - CPD Events

How does it work?

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Register here (or update your info) and subscribe to the EMAIL CAMPAIGNS to receive e-mail notifications from SAIAT regarding CPD-validated events.  Your CPD certificates issued as of 01 October 2022 will also be available here.



On the submission of the registration form for a SAIAT CPD Online virtual event, it is accepted by the person whose name appears in the registration form that he/she is entering into a legal agreement with SAIAT to pay the correct amount to SAIAT as indicated on the registration form, before the event, or any other period as SAIAT may stipulate from time to time. Non-attendance without cancellation (see below) does not waver payment. If login details are not received within one business day after registration, SAIAT must be informed by phoning the  Managing Director on 073 184 3893. Claiming not to have received these details does not waver payment.

It is further understood and accepted that SAIAT is entitled to payment of a cancellation fee as mentioned hereunder if such registration is cancelled by completing and submitting the Cancellation Request Form, which can be viewed here. No other cancellation method will be deemed acceptable.

It is also understood that personal information is submitted via third parties (Jotform, Zapier, and GoToWebinar), and although all measures are put in place by SAIAT to protect all personal information, SAIAT is indemnified from any damage that may be incurred if a data breach occurs with data managed by any such third party.

Attendance (CPD) certificates will be generated after the last day of the event. Once a certificate has been generated, attendees will receive an email from informing them that a certificate is available for download. It is understood that attendees must download the CPD Attendance Certificate from The certificate will not be e-mailed.


SAIAT will accept cancellations of registrations for events as per the following criteria on the official form only:

Cancellation up to 14 days before the event's start date:
• No charge and full refund of event fee if any payment was made

Cancellation less than 14 days before but not later than 7 days before the event's start date:
• 25% of event fee payable and 75% refund of event fee if any payment was made

Cancellation less than 7 days but not later than 2 days before the event's start date:
• 50% of the event fee payable and 50% refund of the event fee if any payment was made

Cancellation less than two days before the event's start date or no cancellation:
• Not allowed  full event fee payable or no refund

Once registered, you will receive an e-mail from


with subject


with your link to join the webinar (view example here)

CPD Events Online are available as pre-recordings from the start date stated on the registration form until the end date as stated on the registration form, giving ample time to complete the event.


SAIAT reserve the right to postpone the starting and or ending time and date of a workshop. Attendees will be informed via email.


The recordings will be available any time from 12:00 - 23:59 on the start date - depending on issues such as load shedding, connectivity, system conversions, and weather.

As you are able to register after the starting date of the event, please ensure that you allocate enough time to complete the event by the last day. We cannot accommodate people who need more time to complete after the closing time and date of the event. Once registered, you are liable for the payment of the event fee - regardless if you had time issues in completing the event.

Ensure that you log on using the unique login details e-mailed to you. The system is recording all periods online and all attendees have to attend the event in full to obtain their CPD points.


Using a cellphone or tablet for the CPD event?

Please let us know ( as it does not always register the duration of your sessions online.

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